The Hammerhead Booster Club is a non-profit, charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Part of our mission is to support hockey and perform charitable services in the San Josť area. We are now offering grants to non-profit organization to fund local hockey-related projects.

Grant Request Guidelines


The HAMMERHEAD Booster Club (HBC) established the grant process to encourage club members to become more involved in setting the direction of the HBC's participation in supporting the sport of hockey. The Grant Process is not intended to replace the relationship with the Sharks Foundation. It will allow the HBC to seek out and support other hockey-related needs.

The following must be submitted to the grant committee, before any Grant Request will be considered:

  1. Letter or proposal stating specific project for funding and requested amount
  2. Completed Grant Request Application Form. (PDF format)
  3. Copy of your federal exemption letter from the IRS indicating exemption under sections (501)(c)(3) or 509(a)(1). If you have not filed as a federally tax exempt organization, we must have a copy of your State exemption letter from the Franchise Tax Board indicating the code section under which your exemption has been granted.

Mission Statement

To promote the sport of hockey, and in particular the team known as the San Jose Sharks, as well as provide social opportunities for its fans, promote goodwill in hockey communities, encourage interaction between the CLUB, the professional hockey players and management, and to perform such charitable services as deemed appropriate by the membership.

Grant Process

All Grant Requests will be accepted during the calendar year (January through December). The grant committee will review any grant requests with completed requirements during its January meeting. The grant committee may have questions, which must be answered by the February meeting. In March the grant committee will vote to recommend funding of the grant requests. Those approved will be brought to the executive board for funding, and will be funded by the fiscal year end (May through April).

Priority consideration is given to projects with: ∑

  • HBC member involvement
  • Locations near San Jose (Bay Area, Northern California, other)
  • Greater numbers of people helped
  • That provide recognition for the HBC, etc.

The grant committee votes whether to fund the Request within the existing fiscal budgetary considerations. If the funding is over $149, the organization is requested to prepare a status report for the HBC. Subsequent grant requests may be submitted, however, only one request per calendar year. If the HBC receives requests from outside the northern California area, the grant committee will try to work with a local Booster Club, so that they can fund the project. If they can not fund it, or if they reject it, and the HBC has surplus funds with no other requests, the grant committee may consider funding the request.

Ineligible Requests

  • Non-Hockey related requests
  • United Way Requests
  • Police & Fire Department general requests
  • Religious organizations requiring service attendance or monetary contribution in order to participate
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin or political affiliation
  • Memberships, general contributions, endowments, advertising, or capital campaigns


  • 2/3 of the committee members will constitute a quorum
  • There must be a quorum in order to call for a vote
  • 2/3 of the votes cast will carry the vote (positive or negative)



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